Dean Of Students

Kimuli Christopher


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Since its humble beginning in 1994, Nkumba University has remained committed to providing quality and excellent education with the view of instilling the 4C’s of Character, Competence, Creativity and Confidence, We at Nkumba do welcome all sorts of students who are committed to attain high education at the highest level. All students come from different backgrounds and hence have different characters. As Dean of Students I want to welcome each of you to Nkumba University and do assure you that you will have one of the most exciting times in your life at Nkumba University and everyone in the Department of the Dean would love to be part of your new Experience at Nkumba. I would like to congratulate you on your decision to choose Nkumba University as the place you want to be, the Office of the Dean of Students, will support you during your stay at the University. The Dean of Students office coordinates a number of activities that range from welfare, Sports and Security. Those who are talented in Sports you will be supported with Scholarships if you are both good in Academics and your performance on the pitch is very good. To those who want to advance your Political Careers it’s at this University that you will exercise your rights. We are committed to helping all students be successful at the University and count on you to play an active part. The Dean of Students Department oversees and coordinates the Chaplaincy, Sports, Unions and Co-curricular activities, Students Accommodation and Catering, Student Clubs and Associations, Counseling Services and many other areas of student life. We are therefore confident that each member in the Department will contribute to your physical, emotional, intellectual and social development on campus.  Please have a look at our website and take full advantage of our office to know more about the services that we offer which will definitely contribute to your success. Moreover, do not hesitate to contact us in case you are in doubt about anything or should you be seeking any assistance. My aim is to ensure that our students have access to the best possible opportunities and experiences during their stay at the University that they can reach full potential and be ready for the future. We believe that every student, regardless of ability, deserves a first class education. Everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured and I strongly believe that together as a learning community we can unlock this potential. I encourage you to get involved, to participate in student government, and to take part in the array of opportunities and initiatives at Campus throughout the year.  Warm wishes,