VC Season’s Greetings

VC Season’s Greetings

End of Year Message 


The year 2021 was a year that will always remain in each one’s mind, a year that saw barriers being broken, a year where NU stakeholders exhibited their strength to hold onto a better future, a year that saw NU achieve and also loose in several aspects, a year that showed resilience amongst staff and students to sustain the current campus environment we have to date.   


As we are aware the lockdown of all education institutions in Uganda due to the CONVID-19 pandemic outbreak put the student population and their parents at stake with arguable responses to handling the continuation of teaching and learning while at home. It is evident that despite the retooling sessions offered to many of the staff members at NU, some of them were not prepared for the new situation that had befallen them. NU was not 100% prepared to provide teaching and learning to its students. However, both students and staff were prepared to move an extra mile to make sure that educational sustainability at NU was a reality. The lack of adequate ICT skills, ICT equipment and adequate internet data amongst some staff and students was not a deterrent to see them move forward with their education.  


We remember 2021 as quite a remarkable year for the university. A year we held our first blended (Virtual and physical) Graduation, launched the first Nkumba International Research Conference, Nkumba International Research Journal among others. These are among the many accomplishments we made at a time when many businesses and organisations were grounded. This was only possible because you stood with us through thick and thin.


I have witnessed professionalism, and commitment among our students, parents, and most importantly the staff, demonstrated at every turn. I would like to thank parents, staff and students who had to unlearn the old ways of teaching and learning, learnt news ways of education and continue to relearn each day that goes by to make sure they fit into the 21st century education. Majority of NU staff and students received the new normal (e-learning) with open arms since it is the only way that could keep them going forward with their education. The continue support from management, council and BOT just energised the new normal. We therefore thank management, council and BOT for sailing NU through a very trying year 2021 and we look forward to even a better 2022. 


To our administrative and academic staff, we are highly appreciative of your flexibility, and willingness to adapt to the difficulties presented by COVID19 this year. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I believe we have emerged stronger as a university, and as a family.


Whether you are a student, staff, alumni, parent, community you are a NU stakeholder, and that carries privileges and responsibilities that you should always be mindful about. The main privilege is the belonging and which means that you should dearly guard NU brand and legacy. This privilege comes with the responsibility to make sure that in whatever you do just remember “I Owe You”


As we draw closer to the end of this year 2021, it’s time to reflect on the differences you have made this year. Think about all that you have achieved; what lessons you’ve learnt – positive or negative. Then, use this knowledge to think about all that you can accomplish in the new year.


And as I conclude, remember, the holidays are a special time to sit back, unwind, relax, and connect with your friends and family. I pray that yours may be filled with all the joy, peace, good health and laughter that the world has to offer. May you, your family and friends be happy and safe this festive season.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022


I Owe You!


Prof. Jude T. Lubega, Ag. Vice Chancellor

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