Directorate of Quality Assurance

Mr. Francis Sengendo


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The Quality Assurance Directorate (QAD) was established in 2009 in accordance to the requirements of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Quality Assurance Framework for Uganda Universities (2006). This Framework provides that “institutions [universities] are primarily responsible for quality and quality management. Each institution shall have an independent quality assurance unit that sets quality assurance control guidelines in a university and that continuously review all programmes, teaching and assessments.” (NCHE, 2006, 17).


To be epitome for achieving quality education that meets national and international standards.


To establish and maintain quality in the provision of Education at Nkumba University that will nurture competence, confidence, creativity and moral character.


High Quality begets High Performance.



The quality Assurance Directorate exists in Nkumba University for systematic monitoring and evaluation to ensure that standards of quality are being promoted. Quality assurance is a process- driven approach with specific steps to help define and attain goals.

The Quality Assurance office is vital to the university system because it provides the platform for verifying or determines whether the university’s services meet or exceed the customer expectations, and whether the quality controls in place ensure that the University’s products (the students) exceed expectations.

The Quality Assurance Directorate is responsible for coordinating, supervising, monitoring and evaluating quality assurance processes and practices in areas of academic programmes, teaching and learning, facilities, research and community outreach.

The Directorate employs a number of quality assurance mechanisms like quality audit, program review and staff evaluations, SWOT analysis, external examining, etc., to monitor, assess, control and audit its quality.

In abide to adherence to the National Council for Higher education quality assurance requirements; the university set up a Quality Assurance Unit that was established in 2009 and became a full- fledged Directorate in 2011.

The Quality Assurance Directorate is also tasked with coordinating quality assurance initiatives and activities for academic and nonacademic units. It over sees the internal and external quality assurance assessment of the university’s programmes.

There are two dimensions to the activities of the Quality Assurance office. The internal quality assurance mechanism which includes self-evaluations by each of the six schools of the University, or University- wide evaluations. Such evaluations use instruments or guidelines developed by the University Quality Assurance Office, and reports are accordingly made.


The second major dimension to evaluation is external assessment of University programmes and facilities by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), the Inter- University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) and the professional bodies such as the Law council, Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC) and the Medial Council. These bodies use instruments or guidelines they have developed to assess the quality of University facilities, programmes, activities as well as staff.

The Quality Assurance Directorate reports directly to the vice chancellor and works closely with the University registrar, Deputy Vice Chancellor and University Secretary. It is currently managed by two staff namely: Director Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance Administrator.